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Poem Project captures the beauty of interpretation through the unique story each musician is moved to tell when interpreting the same soneight different musicians from around the country to write lyrics to and arrange their own version of the song Poem. Brown’s collaborative project spanned several years between Winter 2014 and Spring 2017 and includes members from Radiation City and The Shins (Patti King), Ages and Ages (Colin Jenkins), The Westerlies (Zubin Hensler) , and musicians from L.A, New York City, Austin, and Brown’s hometown of Portland, OR.​
The parameters for Poem Project were as follows:


The artists were given recordings for the original Poem as well as sheet music.

They were asked to write lyrics to the existing melody.

The B section has chords but no melody, and the artists were free to compose a melody there.

How the A section and B section are ordered and how many times they are used were completely up to each artist.

The artists were asked to record their versions so that each track has a unique sound


Barra Brown-"These Souls"

(Cavity Search Records) 2020

Korgy & Bass-"Agrocrag"

(Cavity Search Records) 2020

Korgy & Bass x Cyrus Nabipoor-"Remote"

(Cavity Search Records) 2019

Shook Twins-"Some Good Lives"

(Dutch Records) 2019

Korgy & Bass-"2500=4:26000 Side B"

(Cavity Search Records) 2019


Korgy & Bass-"26000:4=2500 Side A"

(Cavity Search Records) 2018

Korgy & Bass-"EP Vol. II"

(Cavity Search Records) 2017

Barra Brown-"Poem Project"

(Cavity Search Records) 2017

Mo Phillips-"Spectacular Daydream"

(Hey! Bacon! Records) 2016

Ky Burt-"The Moon and the Sea EP" 

(Self Release) 2016

Korgy & Bass-"EP Vol. I"

(Cavity Search Records) 2016

Matt Takiff-"Matt Takiff"

(Self Release) 2016

Alameda-"Fortunate Vices"

(New Granada Records) 2016

PDX Pop Now! Compilation-2015


Barra Brown Quintet-"Dreaming Awake" 

(PJCE Records) 2015

Old Wave-"Old Wave" 

(Self Release) 2015

Barra Brown & The Wishermen-"Epoch" 

(Cavity Search Records) 2015

Alameda-"Live from the Banana Stand" 

(Banana Stand Media) 2014

Barra Brown Quintet-"Songs for a Young Heart" 

(PJCE Records) 2013

Alameda-"Frozen Architecture 7"

(False Migration/Ash From Sweat) 2013

The Wishermen-"Drawing Purple Orbits" 

(Self-release) 2012

Alameda-"Live at Daytrotter Sessions" 

(Day Trotter) 2012


Other appearances

Ages and Ages-"Something to Ruin"

(Partisan Records) 2016

Radiation City-"Animals in the Median"

(TLE Records) 2013

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