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Poem Project


Poem Project captures the beauty of interpretation through the unique story each musician is moved to tell when arranging the same song. I asked eight different musicians from around the country to write lyrics to and arrange their own version of my instrumental song Poem. This collaborative project spanned several years between Winter 2014 and Spring 2017 and includes members from Radiation City and The Shins (Patti King), Ages and Ages (Colin Jenkins), The Westerlies (Zubin Hensler), and musicians from L.A, New York City, Austin, and my hometown of Portland, OR.​

The parameters for Poem Project were as follows:

The artists were given recordings for the original Poem as well as sheet music.

They were asked to write lyrics to the existing melody.

The B section has chords but no melody and the artists were free to

compose a melody there.

How the A section and B section are ordered and how many times

they are used were completely up to each artist.

The artists were asked to record their versions so that each track has

a unique sound.